Publicity and PR Services

Coverage with digital publications, blogs, and other content-based websites.

Online PR

The right PR campaign will deliver tangible results. We’ll work with you to develop a PR strategy to build awareness of the your product or service.

Here’s what’s included with our PR services:

Strategic Campaign Development

Creative campaign development is one of our favorite parts of the job – it’s also a critical aspect of your overall PR strategy. By identifying PR opportunities and properly executing a plan, you can get a lot of media coverage – or even go viral on social media channels.

We have a long history in working with the media. We’ll work with you to identify content that the media will be likely to latch onto, and then get the word out via press release, social media, content initiatives.

Targeting Media Contacts

With our history in the industry we have media outlets reaching out to us for content monthly. We have access to agency-only PR tools that give us the contact information and editorial calendars of every U.S. media outlet – By targeting writers who cover what’s up and coming online, we’ll be able to increase coverage of the company.


At Inventiv Designs, we listen to your goals, analyze your specific market and propose a customized plan to reach your goals.

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