Professional Instructional Videos

Instructional videos can reach those who learn by watching

Instructional videos are an excellent way to educate your audience in a visual, interactive way that resonates with them and sticks better than reading plain text on the page does. No matter what product or service you’re trying to promote, instructional videos can be useful in getting your message across effectively and engagingly to potential customers or clients, as long as you use the right strategies to do so. The content of these videos needs to be educational and entertaining at the same time in order to get your viewers’ attention from the beginning and keep it all the way through the video.


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Reasons why people watch instructional videos

Learning style theory tells us that people have various ways of taking in new information for the best retention. Animated training videos are a marvelous way to reach those who learn by watching, listening, and doing. Your audience has the opportunity to pause and review before they even pick up a tool for assembly. They can zoom in to see exactly where the next fitting goes, listen to your instructions, and then perform the task.

What is an instructional video?

Training videos are educational materials created for learning purposes. Most instructional videos contain text, graphics, and audio in order to help someone learn or educate themselves on a particular topic. Because of their purpose, instructional videos are typically quite detailed and specific. Since they’re designed to help viewers learn something new, most how-to videos start with an explanation of what you’ll be learning and why it’s important.

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How Inventiv Designs can help

When it comes to creating great instructional videos, many businesses struggle with a range of things from scripting and filming to editing and publishing. Inventiv Designs has everything you need to create a professional instructional video. We can match your script with captioning so that no one misses a step. Need a video in a second or third language? We have you covered with our voice-over talent. Let us help you build a video that inspires confidence in your customers!


Contact us today to find out more about our Instructional Video Production services. Our professional and experienced designers will deliver 3D Instructional Video to your specifications.