Understanding Copyright Infringement Notice Emails

If you receive a message from someone who claims to own images on your site and threatens legal action, don't click the link!

A new scam targeting website owners threatens legal action for alleged copyright infringement. The scammer claims they own images displayed on the site, and that the site is infringing on their copyright. The scammer instructs victims to click a link where they can see which images supposedly infringe on the scammer’s copyright. That link either leads to a phishing site where victims are tricked into handing over money or download a virus, so watch out for this kind of email. Do not interact with the content!

Since remote work has become more prevalent over the last couple of months, phishing emails in all their forms have been on the rise. Why? Because it’s easier to scam people when they’re not working within the secure network and firewalls of their office.


If you receive this email do not click on the link, "It's a scam."