Content Marketing

The creation and promotion of content for the purpose of generating brand awareness, traffic growth, lead generation, and customers.

Content Marketing

Content with a purpose

By creating unique content your clients want to read via social media and other content marketing methods will attract significantly more traffic to your site and give the visitor a reason to stay on the site. We leverage this content for inbound marketing campaigns as well as ongoing SEO and Social media programs.

How well the content speaks to your audience and how well its promote is what really matters. This is also plays into the SEO side and there’s a very intense strategy to that – we ensure each post is optimized, including formatting, internal and external linking, etc.

A minim of 1 to 2 post per week will help you to achieve the results, especially over the next three to six months as we increase the readership. We will revisit this strategy in the next quarter, when we may want to adjust posting frequency.

Strong Message

This is the first place we start when developing content. What separates you from the noise. Assembling your core brand message is key to articulating why choose your product or service.


These drive large amounts of traffic and can be a good way to introduce people to your site. These can range from a new offering to a project profiles.

Industry Expert posts

These provide information about subjects your customers are interested in. These will highlight your expertise or specific case studies.

Content can be priced by the piece on an individual basis. We can also design custom content to go along with PR campaign and content marketing initiatives


At Inventiv Designs, we listen to your goals, analyze your specific market and propose a customized plan to reach your goals.

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