Web Page Development

Web Page Development

We don’t just build websites, we develop websites.

Web Page Development in White Bear Lake is all about creating first impressions. This tells potential customers who you are, what you do and how you can help them. Well-designed website lures visitors in and keeps them on your site to explore what you have to offer.

Inventiv Designs will work with you to determine your specific goals—whether they are generating leads, informing and educating or selling a product a service. With these goals and your brand message in mind, we’ll develop a design and features that target your unique customer base across multiple platforms. Our solutions can include website architecture, content, SEO, marketing campaigns, e-commerce, social media and more. These elements work together to create your online identity and make you stand out from the competition. We also can measure the level of website traffic and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


Here’s What We Do

Discovery Process

We want to know about your local market, who you're competing with, what your most profitable remodeling services are, and what specific cities, towns, or suburbs you'd like to get projects from the most.

We Build Your Website

Once we understand who you compete with, what your most profitable services are and what areas of your city/state your best customers are at, we build your site to target these specifically.

We Optimize Your Site

Once we have a live and working website then we get to work immediately on your Internet Marketing campaign. We're aggressive and fast because we know you need results.

We Adjust Based On Data

With proper tracking and analytics in place we test, track, go through the data and adjust your website and marketing until we're getting the best possible results for your business.

Here’s How We Can Help Your Business

Keyword Optimization

On-page content optimization for 10 primary keywords preapproved by the client. For Local we assemble the list along with the GEO targeted areas.

Up to 10 Pages

Depending on the website up to 10 pages of your website will be optimized to focus on your region of conduction business.

Title Tag Optimization

Optimization of title tags for each of the optimized pages.

Content Optimization

Utilization of existing textual content to optimize for relevant keywords. Creating relevant copy with a purpose but have enough balance of keywords.

Heading Optimization

Creation and optimization of heading tags to target campaign keywords. Key for search engines and a must for ranking. All the sections of a page work together.

Internal Linking Optimization

Development and improvement of the internal linking structure, Linking related content and high ranking internal pages.

Meta Description Optimization

Meta description optimization for improved click-through rates.

Keyword Research

Extensive keyword research to determine the most relevant keywords. One key tool is running Google ads. Even if it's just a test campaign to determine what keywords and phrases are being used.

Content Writing

Content writing to improve the on-page optimization of selected keywords. We start with content in the 250 to 300-word range to get the page started.

Baseline Ranking Report

Pre-optimization ranking report to determine the baseline rankings. We load the chosen keyword into our ranking tool to establish our starting point.

Monthly Ranking Report

Ongoing ranking report generation to track the improvements over time. This is our gauge to what to focus on and what's working and what's not.

Initial Backlink Analysis

Link profile analysis to uncover link development opportunities. Off-site SEO is a key ingredient to the ongoing SEO. We do this a number of ways but the simple version is having a link to your website on a site with relevant content and high ranking.

Web Page Development PHASES

We build your site in manageable phases to keep the development stage less stressful and your budget in check. We offer flexible payment schedules that work within each phase of the project, including:

  • Research and discovery—understanding your business and vision.
  • Website design—determining the look and feel of the site.
  • Back-end programming—to ensure website functionality and user-friendly features.
  • Content assembly and generation—visual assets, graphics, copy, animations, video, photography.
  • Content management system integration and training.

One Solution Web Page Development for Multiple Platforms

With the evolution of smartphones, tablets and TV browsing, having a mobile-friendly site that can function across multiple devices is just as important as the content on the site itself. You want your audience to be able to access your site from anywhere, without having to adjust their screens or wait for time-sucking downloads to digest your message. Your website should be quick and easy to access and easy to read from any desktop computer or mobile device. We call this responsive website design, and it is our specialty.
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization has become much more than just getting ranked on Google. Facebook, YouTube and other social sites have now become some of the top search engines in the world. Facebook alone receives over 1.5 billion searches each day. That’s why you want to make sure that your site and other marketing efforts are SEO friendly to ensure that you are found by the people who are looking for your services or products.

Responsive Web Page Development For Mobile Phones

Statistic show that internet traffic as of the third quarter of 2018, that 52.4 percent of the global web traffic originated from mobile devices,

How does your website look on a phone? Being mobile friendly is more important than ever. Google will actually penalize your site if it’s not a responsive design.

There will never be a shortage of new devices and platforms to surf with. Keep your messaging & brand looking right wherever it is seen with applying the latest coding in HTML and CSS ensures your site the flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing list of mobile phones.

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