Instruction Manual Design

Instruction Manuals Save Time

You have a high-quality, industry-tested, and approved product. Once your sale is over, your job is not. Suppose you are getting a large number of customer service calls regarding assembly information. In that case, chances are your instructions need an upgrade. A well-designed set of assembly instructions eliminates many of the most common questions your customers may have about assembling or installing your product.

Inventiv Designs is skilled in arranging your product’s assembly into easy-to-follow steps. Our layout specialists not only guarantee that all the information is in your instruction manual but that it is laid out in a way that makes sense. Start thinking about how to use all that extra time – perhaps more sales?

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Instruction Manual Development Minneapolis, Product Instructions

Assembly Instructions

Professional instruction manual design ensures clear information for customers and is a necessary companion to a well-designed product. We have 20 years of experience in developing product instructions for manufacturers and work with a range of clients to provide high-quality product instruction design.

We Design Easy-to-Follow Instruction Manuals

Professionally-developed instructions reduce customer service calls by giving consumers or workers clear information on how to assemble, operate and maintain your product. When they can refer to a clear instruction manual, it allows them to look up the information that they need. Good assembly manual design can be the difference between easy-to-follow instructions and complete confusion.

Assembly Instructions Minnesota, Instruction Manual Development Minneapolis, Product Instructions

User Manuals Designed with the End-User in Mind

All of our user manual design services are focused on your end-user. We take them and their needs into account to produce product instructions that they can understand and use. With clear instruction design, they can set up and start using your product without problems. We get to know your end-user to ensure your user manuals are designed with them in mind.


Contact us today to find out more about our product instruction design services. Our professional and experienced designers will deliver manufacturer instructions to your specifications.