What is Domain slamming" and how to identify it.

Sad as it is to say, there are many scams out there that revolve around domain names. One of the most common is phony renewal notices. These are usually communicated via mail (us postal service), email, or by phone. So when we recently received a phony domain renewal notice in the mail we figured it was the perfect opportunity to show you how to spot a domain registration scam and avoid falling victim to it.

The Domain Registry is mailing out an official-looking letter (see image below) which is an aggressive direct mail campaign aimed at trying to get you to transfer your domain away from your current registrar to them. In the domain industry, this practice is known as “Domain Slamming.”


Domain Slamming is best described as a scam where a domain registrar attempts to trick customers of other companies into switching from their current registrar to the scamming one. They make it sound as though you are simply renewing your domain, while in reality you are signing paperwork, and sending money to effectively transfer your domain to them.

The overall look of the letter itself is very misleading. It looks similar to an official government letter you may receive from time to time. The worst part about these letters is that they use scare tactics to convince customers they need to renew their domain, with lines like “Failure to renew your domain name by the expiration date may result in a loss of your online identity making it difficult for your customers and friends to locate you on the Web.” Not only is it misleading, but they also tend to charge exorbitant amounts for domains, making you pay significantly more in the long run.

If you receive this in the mail do not pay, "It's a scam."

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