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Educational Video Production in Minneapolis

Educational Videos

Inventiv Designs produces educational videos out of White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Everyone is an educated consumer these days. The internet has made it simple to get informed on products and product variations before even setting foot in a store. Gone is the era of impulse buys. It’s time to educate potential consumers with a video demonstration of your product.

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People want to know about your product, so inform them

If you want your video to hit home, it should be about more than just the product. What can your product do? Why is your product better than the other brands? How will your service improve my life? Don’t just tell them, show them! Over half of people prefer visuals to text and 90% of online shoppers say they find videos helpful in making purchasing decisions. Retailers who provide online video to educate the consumer on their products are out-pacing the field.

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Benefits of Video Production with Inventiv Designs

  • Concept consultation
  • Storyboarding and scripting
  • Prepared studio environment
  • Custom graphics and animations
  • Low cost
  • Experienced production artists able to cast and direct
  • Quick turnaround: editing, mastering and delivery


Videos for your company

Our production services merge your messages, products and services with the digital world. Inventiv Designs provides all elements of the video production process including concept creation, storyboarding, copywriting, casting, shooting, editing and mastering. We perfectly fuse your brand and your company style into video to enhance the way you reach your audience.

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The thing to remember about educational videos is that they are going to be used for years and can be utilized as a tool for your own employees as well as a way to introduce your brand around the world. For starters, instructional content can help teach your employees the proper way of doing things. Let’s say you have a shipping company and you need a new worker to load the trucks. By showing them how to properly stock a pallet, move it and load it, you not only ensure that they will get the job done safely, but in the minimal amount of time needed which means you are getting more work done and cutting down on accidents as well.

As far as branding goes, good content always gets shares. For example, you make a video showing people how they can build their own deck using your aluminum railing kits. The content is posted on YouTube, blogs and is shared on social media. After a year you begin to see that it ranks on search engines and is being shared without having to boost it. That’s the goal of any campaign and even though those viewers aren’t buying from you right now, you are introducing them to your brand and product and it’s not costing you anything.

At Inventiv Designs, we focus on all aspects of educational videos from production to promotion and more. Our goal is to make sure that you get high-quality content that is going to be utilized by your company for years to come. We can show you how making multiple pieces and developing your own library between promotional and educational content is the best way to promote your brand and get more viewers for years. Feel free to browse our site to learn more about our services or give us a call if you have any questions.


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