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Training and Instructional Video Production in Minneapolis

Training videos and instructional videos are a great way integrate new employees, systems or products. Inventiv Designs specializes in training and instructional video production and is based right out of White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

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Help your employees help you

Bringing in new employees is an expensive process. Even once you’ve finally found the right addition, there are still countless man hours that go into teaching a new recruit the ropes. Cut down on that by creating a comprehensive training video to initiate new staff.

Video is even great for integrating new products into your company. Have a new product to sell? Switching over to a new software? Emailing out a “how-to” guide might not be the best approach. Humanity is a visual civilization and visual learners comprise 65% of us. Help these people help you by using video to train them.

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Off-site video production

A large part of production costs come from location shoots. Equipment and crew need to be set up on-site, often times inhibiting workflow. And then there’s the increased possibilities of technical issues, muffled or echoey sounds and background noise. Our in-house studio cuts out all that hassle while still being able to give you the highest production value. Inventiv Designs’ video production services start at just $600.

Benefits of Video Production with Inventiv Designs

  • Concept consultation
  • Storyboarding and scripting
  • Prepared studio environment
  • Custom graphics and animations
  • Low cost
  • Experienced production artists able to cast and direct
  • Quick turnaround: editing, mastering and delivery

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An example of off-site corporate video production

Quality training and instructional videos can benefit your company for years to come. Every year, businesses lose a large amount of money due to accidents. Think of how much money you lost last year because someone got hurt, a product or piece of equipment was damaged or just because time was wasted. Now imagine if you can cut that loss by 20-50% by incorporating training content that will properly teach and reinforce the proper way to do things? These are some of the benefits of having this content:

  • Safety first: When you hire someone new the first thing you want to teach them is the proper way of doing things. The safer an employee is the fewer mistakes they will make. This means you are saving time and money while also getting the job done right. That’s why proper instruction is never something you want to skip.

  • Refresher: Sometimes we get set in our ways, even if it’s not the way we should be doing things. Everyone does it, especially if they’ve been at the same job for more than a year. These short but important refresher video tools can keep safety as a top priority for your veteran employees and ensure that they continue to deliver outstanding work.

  • Marketing advantages: One of the things that many companies overlook as far as the value of training and instructional videos is the advantages they provide from a marketing standpoint. For example, you have a video that teaches your employees how to assemble something. By putting that same content on YouTube, blogs and social media, you can get millions of views from consumers trying to find the same information.

Inventiv Designs will help you creative professional content that you can use for years. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your company improve productivity and safety.



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